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BRIWAX - Known as "The World's Premier Finishing Wax" is available at BLOOMFIELD TREASURES. BRIWAX is a blend of beeswax and carnauba wax, two of the finest waxes known to man. BRIWAX is designed to protect raw wood and can be applied to virtually any existing finish. Use BRIWAX on all woods and works amazingly to restore antique furniture.  BRIWAX cleans, stains and polishes all in one product.

Available in:

*Golden Oak

* Mid Brown

* Light Brown

*Rustic Pine


*Tudor Brown

*Dark Brown

History of BRIWAX:  Since 1860, Henry Flack's blend of carnauba and beeswax polish has not changed. Patina is defined as the natural, original finish of a wood, and was extremely difficult to maintain and/or regain before the BRIWAX brand of products came into being. The secret is in the blend. Since recorded history, wood carvers and cabinetmakers throughout Europe have always crafted the finest furniture in the world. They needed a furniture wax that would not only protect the original quality of the wood, but also restore that like-new look when their handicraft became an antique. After years of experimentation, master craftsman Henry Flack formulated a blend of soft beeswax and an imported, hard, waxy emollient from the carnauba palm in South America. Henry called his unique formula BRIWAX. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Briwax? Briwax is known as "The World's Premier Finishing Wax" is available at BLOOMFIELD TREASURES. BRIWAX is a blend of beeswax and carnauba wax, two of the finest waxes known to man. BRIWAX is designed to protect raw wood and can be applied to virtually any existing finish. Use BRIWAX on all woods and works amazingly to restore antique furniture.  BRIWAX cleans, stains and polishes all in one product. 


Is Briwax a new product?  No Briwax has been around since the 1860's.  Master Craftsman, Henry Flack, developed Briwax in England.  Bloomfield Treasures learned of this fabulous product a few years ago and use it exclusively in the shop.


I'm trying to decide what color would be best, Can I open a can to see the color?  Sorry but by opening a can you will not be able to see the color.  All of the cans look dark.  Have a look at our demo board or ask us and we can recommend a color for you. {If you were to open a can of Golden Oak you would think the color was black - rest assured its not}


What do I use to apply Briwax?  A cotton cloth works well to apply Briwax.  You can also use 0000 steel wool if your piece is rough or has a lot of grooves.  Apply Briwax is the direction of the wood grain.  Heat from friction is the secret ingredient to the rich, deep luster of a Briwax finish.


How much Briwax do I use?  A can of Briwax will go along ways.  Several large furniture pieces can be restored with just one can.  Remember you don't need much! Less is Best!  A little bit of wax goes a long way.  Finished wood has very little exposed grain for the wax to adhere to, therefore, a very small amount of Briwax is all that is necessary {ex: a tableshpoon of wax is sufficient for and entire 4' x 6' farmhouse table}


How do I care for my piece done in Briwax?  Once a Briwax finish has been applied, it should be maintained only with Briwax.  Do not use household cleaners or spray polishes on a Briwax finish.  For routine dusting, a clean dry cloth will be sufficient.  For stubborn stains, scuffs or other problem areas, Briwax can be re-applied. As with any wood piece water is your worst enemy.  I don't recommend using water.  If you feel you must wipe a piece with water use a slightly dampened cloth and then use a lint free cloth to ensure the water is gone.  By wiping a piece often with a dampened cloth you will find that it will loose its shine and will need a fresh coat of Briwax to bring back a shine.  Sometimes I find that if a piece is starting to loose its luster you can bring back a bit of luster by using a lint free cloth to buff the surface. 


Can I use Briwax on Exterior projects?  No Briwax is designed for interior use only.


What is the difference between using a stain and sealer compared to Briwax?  Briwax cleans, stains and polishes all in one easy step.  No waiting for stain to dry and then applying several coats of sealer.  The beauty of Briwax is a hand rubbed lustre is achieved after 5- 10 minutes.  And Briwax never leaves a lap line, so you may stop and start as you like.  Also if you ever have damage done to your piece you can easily restore it with Briwax with no need for stripping.


What is the green plastic cover for?  The green cover is used for transporting purposes.  You can discard it if you like when you open your can.  Just ensure the metal cover is closed tightly. {Briwax has two covers - green for shipping and metal cover}


Can I use Briwax over a painted surface?  Yes you can.  Just ensure you make sure your paint has cured.  Also test it on an inconspicuous spot first - low quality stains and inferior finishes could be adversely affected by Briwax.  If you are looking to do a distressed look to a painted piece - Briwax works very well with Olde Century Colors Paint {which we also carry in the shop}


I was using my Briwax in the sun and now its liquid?  Don't worry, Briwax liquefies in hot weather, which in no way diminishes the quality of the product.  Just put it in a cooler spot and it will return to its originally consistency.  I sometimes prefer to use it on particular pieces {pieces with alot of grooves or reclaimed boards} in a liquid state.


Can I use Briwax on new wood?  Yes!  Briwax works wonderfully on new wood.  Please note though:  the finer the sandpaper used, the less color you will achieve when using Briwax.  Wood should be sanded with no finer than 150 grit sandpaper.  If you are looking to make new wood look old I would recommend using Tudor Brown or Dark Brown Briwax. 



Can I use Briwax on Wood Floors?  Yes Briwax may be used on wood floors for a beautiful luster that resists scratching and never yellow.  Apply sparingly with a cloth to small areas at a time.  With a clean, lint-free cloth, buff to a rich shine.  An electric buffer will save time.  Existing wax build up, problem spots, etc can be remedied with #0000 steel wool and Briwax.


I have my ancestors 100 year old table and it has white water rings, will Briwax help?  White water rings are caused by condensation of moisture directly into the finished surface of the wood, affecting the finish from the outside in.  Most finishes are durable enough for only the top layer of finish to be affected.  Apply Briwax with #0000steel wool, very lightly, in the direction of the grain.  Work on half of the water ring at a time.  As soon as you begin to see the ring fade, stop, wipe off excess, buff and repeat the process to the other half of the ring until both halves match.  Once you have removed the water ring, use the Briwax with a cloth to renew the entire piece.


Do I have to clean the piece first before using Briwax?  No, but I do suggest dusting the piece first though to remove any large pieces of dirt and webs.  Inherent cleaning agents in Briwax allow dirt, oil and old wax to be dissolved and lifted away, leaving a durable, lustrous hand -rubbed finish.


My dining room table has a Briwax finish, it is used daily and I have noticed that its loosing its luster, what should I do?    You must remember that by having a hand rubbed wax finish some care is necessary.  Only Briwax should be used on an existing Briwax finish.  Do not use any household cleaners or spray polishes.  Also a Briwax finish should not have water applied to it.  If you feel the need to wipe something off the table with water than only use a slightly damped cloth and then immediately dry it with a clean cloth.  If you notice the loss of luster than you can use a clean lint free cloth to re-buff the table {buff in the direction of the grain}.  This may be all that is needed to bring back a soft luster.  If not than a quick coat of re-applied Briwax is all that is needed.


How often do I have to re-apply Briwax?  It all depends on how much wear and abuse the piece gets.  The beauty of Briwax is that it can be re-applied quickly at any time.  You can even do just a small portion of a table top that has some wear without applying to the entire piece again {Briwax blends and never leaves a lap line, so you may stop and start as you like.}


I have an antique dresser that has seen better days, do I have to strip or sand it first before applying Briwax?  In most cases the answer is No!.  Briwax is designed to clean, stain and polish all in one product.  You will be amazed at how well Briwax covers up scratch marks and water stains.  In some cases, pieces are just too far gone and if needed than Briwax can be applied after sanding or stripping.  Watch our you-tube video on applying Briwax and see what a difference it made to our old reclaimed lumber counter.


Can you show me something that has Briwax on it so I can see what the finish looks like? Yes we use Briwax exclusively in the shop, therefore many pieces in the shop are restored with Briwax.  We also make reclaimed lumber harvest tables so if you see one in the shop than you can feel the Briwax finish on reclaimed lumber.  We also have display rolling pins in the shop showing them restored with Briwax as well as a demo board with some of the 9 wood tone colors on it.


What colors does Briwax come in?  Briwax is available in 9 wood tone colors.  Golden Oak, Dark Oak, Light Brown, Rustic Pine, Antique Mahogany, Teak, Tudor Brown, Dark Brown and Ebony.


What can Briwax be used on?  Briwax is great for a wide range of applications!  Furniture, wood paneling, kitchen cabinets, craft projects, wood floors, wood doors, untreated leather, and almost any antique.


My Oak kitchen cabinets from the 80's are looking so dull and dirty, can I use Briwax?  You most certainly can, I would recommend Golden Oak Briwax! 


My hardwood floor has a large scratch can Briwax fix it?  Yes Briwax works good on floors.  Just pick a color that will match closely to your originally floor color - that way your scratch will be filled in and unnoticeable.  Have a look at our before and after pic of a scratches on a hardwood floor {Facebook page}!


I'd love to try Briwax but I'm not able to get into the shop for a while - Can I order a can and have it mailed to me?  Yes we do ship our Briwax and Olde Century Colors Paint within Canada - just give the shop a call for more details.



If you have before and after pictures of pieces you restored with Briwax we would love to see pics and share with our customers!  Email them to or post a pic on our facebook page.  We are also looking for pictures to use on future advertising for our Briwax marketing - we would love to use your before/after pictures.

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